Hurricane Rescue


20″x16″ oil on canvas.

US Coast Guard rescue operation during Hurricane Harvey.

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This painting was inspired by the book The Hurricane Within by Ashlee Leppert. I got to know about the book when Ashlee was a guest on my podcast. After hearing her story and reading her book, I was inspired by how willingly Ashlee and her crew were to go out time and time again to rescue complete strangers stuck in the floodwaters in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Ashlee was honored as a guest at the 2018 State of the Union address where President Trump (and the vast majority of our elected representatives) gave Ashlee a standing ovation!

The painting features a single US Coast Guard helicopter flying over flood waters towards the city. The sky is still stormy, giving the impression that they’re flying a dangerous mission into the hurricane’s high winds and rain, which Ashlee’s crew did time after time to save over 40 lives. Mentally exhausting work that does not always get the recognition it deserves.

This oil painting is done on a 20″x16″ canvas. The sides are painted as well, so no framing is necessary.


  • If you choose to frame this painting, please do not place glass, plexiglass, or plastic over it. This will cause moisture to build up and most likely ruin the painting.
  • Keep this painting out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not expose the painting to extreme heat or cold.
  • To remove dust, wipe the painting with a dry cloth. Do not apply any cleaning products or water to the painting to clean it.


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