Battlefield Cross

Original artwork and print by Army veteran Scott DeLuzio.

Battlefield cross silhouette with a purple and orange sky in the background and a grey ground in the foreground

What's The Story Behind This Artwork?

A battlefield cross is a replacement of a cross, or marker appropriate to an individual service-member’s religion, on the battlefield or at the base for a soldier who has been killed. It is made up of the soldier’s rifle stuck into the ground or into the soldier’s boots, with helmet on top. Dog tags are sometimes placed on the rifle, and the boots of the dead soldier can be placed next to the rifle. The purpose is to show honor and respect for the dead at the battle site. The practice started during or prior to the American Civil War, as a means of identifying the bodies on the battleground before removal. Today, it is a means of showing respect for the dead amongst the still living members. It is commonly seen in the field or base after a battle, especially among American troops in Afghanistan or Iraq. While it is used less today as a means of identification, it still serves as a method of mourning among the living, as attending the funeral is not always possible for soldiers still in combat.

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The original artwork can be yours, or it is also available as a print.

What's the difference? Glad you asked...

  • Original Artwork

    Only one is available, so first come, first served. Once it's gone, it's gone.

  • Cost

    The original artwork is a bit more expensive. There is only one after all. 

  • Hand Painted

    This painting was hand painted by Army veteran Scott DeLuzio. 

  • Canvas Size

    This painting was done on a 20"x16" canvas. The sides are painted as well, so no framing is necessary, although you could frame it if you wish to.

Battlefield cross silhouette with a purple and orange sky in the background and a grey ground in the foreground
  • Prints

    There isn't a limit to the number of prints that can be sold, so if you missed the original, you can grab a print.

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    Prints are more affordably priced.

  • Photograph of the Original

    Prints are made by photographing the original painting and sending that photograph to a printer.

  • Print Size

    Prints are 24"x18". It is printed on thick, durable, matte paper. You can order each print by itself to frame on your own, or it can be framed for you if you prefer.

The Original


Framed Print